Alfons Knogl & Lukas Schmenger
Artothek Cologne
March 04 — June 13, 2020

ULTRA describes phenomena existing on the borderline of the imaginable beyond any sensible perception.

A co-production of Alfons Knogl and Lukas Schmenger, "ULTRA" showcases aluminium and epoxy- resin reliefs presented in a unique display in the centre of the exhibition space. Their circular and rectangular oversized plaques address the classical form of expression between sculpture and architecture with reference to topical questions about figure and object. In contrast to conventional positioning with only one visible show-side and obscured rear side, this installation type reveals insights into both front- and rear views. It also allows a closer examination of the shaping and volume that materialized according to the creation of the front side. They comprise the reductive, abstract counterpart to figurative and objective artworks.

Lukas Schmenger's works focus on the representation of the human figure. The special theme of the work of Alfons Knogl is the divergent view of everyday objects and their integration into global chains of production and trade. A multilayered dialogue evolves through the interplay in the works of charged figuration and sober arrangement, of classical form and modern material. Both artists' thematic association is the clash of individuality and global uniformness in today's living milieu, including the world of things. This topic is transposed into a new form for the relief as an expressive medium that is especially attuned to our time.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the support of the Kunststiftung NRW, Sparkasse KölnBonn, Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Rheinland and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia. Alfons Knogl and Lukas Schmenger received the "Horizont Raum" prize of the Freunde der artothek Köln e.V. for their exhibition "ULTRA".

Text: Astrid Bardenheuer
Fotos: Henning Krause

List of works:
Alfons Knogl & Lukas Schmenger, Ultra, 2020, steel, transportation wheels, 228 x 670 x 110 cm
Alfons Knogl, Fruit, 2020, gel coat epoxy resin, 232 x 232 x 10 cm
Alfons Knogl, Prime, 2020, aluminum cast, 175 x 175 x 8 cm
Alfons Knogl, Methexis on the Dark II, 2020, gel coat epoxy resin, variable dimension
Alfons Knogl, Precondition for the One and the Many II, 2020, aluminum casts, multi-part series
Lukas Schmenger, Untitled, 2020, aluminum cast, 210 x 145 x 18 cm
Lukas Schmenger, Untitled, 2020, aluminum cast, 210 x 145 x 18 cm
Lukas Schmenger, Untitled, 2020, aluminum cast, steel, screws, 95 x 90 x 50 cm