__________ Alfons Knogl

pair of wheels, plastic, metal, aluminium, 2016

sleeve, synthetics, cement, 2016 sechs schalen, marble, cement, 2013untitled, pla, aluminium, 2016 (* implementation of 3d printed wheels in collaboration with fabian hesse) impossible is no thing, cement, synthetics, i pod, headphones untitled line, cement, lava sand, 2014 coffee table nr.24-32, plywood, lacquer, standard table legs, 2014 unlike a liquid, synthetic duffels, cement, 2015donut?, cement, 2015hat, cement, 2015 headband /brake #1, #2, metall, fabric, 2016donut, uv print on mug, 2015hat, uv print on mug, 2015wrapper, cardboard, marble, 2016